Fecundation Is The Koreas Finest Death Metal Band To-date!

Source: Fecundation Facebook

METAL MARCH - Fecundation brings Brutal Death Metal to the highest level and the duo are hailing from South Korea, a country where I thought Brutal Death Metal at such level never exist because of the K-pop thing! This sickening duo are Chuck Jenga (guitars, vocals) and Kim Jae-yoon (drums) and just barely released a split with Invictus (Japan). Okay enough the introduction and read the following interview with the musical genius Chuck about 'Death Metal and Soju'!

Metal March: So how and when Fecundation out to the world?

Fecundation: In 2012 I came back from USA after got done with studying things and I felt I needed to start my musical career soon. So I met my first drummer and bassist to form Fecundation in mid 2013 and we started playing shows from early 2014.

Metal March: Your technicality is insane! In my humble opinion, Fecundation complexity are on the same level with Defeated Sanity and Iniquitous Deeds. So are you guys a music student before or a music teacher by now?

Fecundation: Haha thanks man I'm just so much of guitar nerd. I'm beyond honored to hear those words though. So yeah I studied guitar and music in California for 2 years and currently giving lessons 🙂

Metal March: Besides in Fecundation, what are you guys doing for living? 

Fecundation: I give guitar lessons for a living. Not much money for now, but it's too easy and fun for me hehe

Metal March: I'm wondering whether you guys listen to any other genres since you're living in South Korea, which is full of candy-pop, rap, RnB and electronic music there? Haha.
Fecundation: Rarely listen to newer music that came out from my country haha. Totally not my thing. But I listen to old school K-pop a lot haha. Old stuffs are so much better. Like 90's ballad and dance music lols

Metal March: I also curious about the metal scene in South Korea. Is there any metal gig every week or two? 

Fecundation: My friend owns a venue here Called GBN we hold a show every now and then. Really tiny scene but we have fun 🙂

Source: Fecundation Facebook

Metal March: So far you guys already playing in Japan, Thailand and Indonesia is next. What country do you wanna visit?

Fecundation: We actually played in China as well in march this year haha it was a experience. we definitely are stoked about Indonesia later this year, I personally wanna go to Europe soon. Seems like it's very cool there 🙂

Metal March: In Indonesia, you guys will be playing in Limited Blasting Deathfest and other gigs, so how this can happen? Tell us a story behind this sick tour.

Fecundation: My friend Hamdani from Limited Blasting Production, invited me for the event and offered a whole tour for us like magic. It was a surprise for me definitely because we wanted to play Indonesia so bad and happened way too soon :)

Source: Fecundation Facebook

Metal March:  I'm amazed with your latest release which is split with Invictus (Japan), but I don't think there is any different with your EP. I only notice about the post-production and this one is very great. Can you tell us is there any different of Fecundation music style between the split and EP?

Fecundation: Thank you so much for liking my material first of all hehe. Actually I think split was much more progressive then the EP. EP was more brutal and simple. I wanna stick with Split style for new Fecundation songs. I don't know if you guys heard but there's a huge difference between those twos and our first album haha. First album was like umm... poop

Metal March: Your music is a new dimension in Brutal Death Metal world with all of complex riffs and solos they're just amazing! I'm curious what are your influences for making music?

Fecundation: Actually it's mix of so many things, like jazz, heavy metal and of course slams, BDM haha even some old school game music would help create my material 🙂

Metal March: We already in the second half of 2017, so are there any goals that Fecundation yet to achieve? 

Fecundation: We are working on a full-length right now! 8 tracks are done! Can't wait to finish this thing!

Metal March:  Am I safe to say that Fecundation full length will be unleash in 2018? So what is the current progress?

Fecundation: Haha I already gave answer for this but yea hopefully this year!

Metal March: What can we expect for the new Fecundation album? More brutal or technical? Which one?

Fecundation: Mix of both I think haha. I threw some weird riffs as well. I tried to put unique ideas on it!

Metal March: I watched one of your live shows and you guys still kicking ass with all of that simple gears. Can you tell us one by one what gear do you use during live shows?

Fecundation: Haha thanks my drummer just uses trigger for his kicks, I use two different guitar heads with amp distortion and boost them with overdrive to create very cold high mid range sound haha. For guitars I use Kramer Nightswan (very unique and rare for death metal haha) I wish I had bassist though. I'm still looking for one actually.

Metal March:  So do you know about Indonesian Brutal Death scene? Can you mention five bands from Indonesia?

Fecundation: Sure! Jasad!! Turbidity! Murtad! Xtab! Vomitology! I love indonesia brutal scene! So jealous as well. I watch so many IBDM live vids on YouTube. So awesome!

Metal March: For the last part, are there any messages for Indonesian metalhead and Metal March reader?

Fecundation: Can't wait to meet some of you guys in person later this year! Keep your self Brutal and please support us if you got spare time hahaha. Thank you!



  1. Fecundation is awesome!! And Indonesia death metal scene too!
    Greetings from Argentina

  2. I looked them first time tonight when they shown in Semarang and it's incredible band. Only two persons but their sound fully ...thats amaze .


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