Ecuadorian Brutal Death Giant Infectology Talks About Next Album

METAL MARCH - Ecuador is on the rise in underground scene. A lot of great brutal death bands come from the country, you name it. And one of them is Infectology. The band already has two brutalismic albums and in the making of the next one through New Standard Elite. So check out the interview below with vocalist Jheny Guerrero.

MM: Thank you guys for accepting this interview despite Infectology busy schedule! First of all, would you please explain it to us how and when the band began? 

Infectology: Grettings from Ecuador! Thanks for the interview. Infectology officially began in 2009 but all of the members are playing together for a while. The goal of the band since the beginning was create sick and brutal music.

MM: Your album “Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment” is so sick and adored by many brutal death metal fans. Would you tell us a bit more specific about the formula or some kind of musical direction when you guys made this blasterpiece? 

Infectology: Thanks for this kind of words brother! Really appreciate it! So, no a specific formula there but only hard work to bring the sickest material we can. We are happy with the result on “Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment”. But we have to work even harder for the next album that has to be even sicker.

MM: From lyrical point of view, “Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment” and your previous album “Origin of Pathological Extermination” are not quite different. Is this some kind of statement that Infectology is stay true to their style? Or perhaps will change as time goes by? 

Infectology: We will not change the lyrics, much less the music. We just try to make it darker and nasty.

MM: Not that long after “Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment” was released, Infectology joined New Standard Elite. How was the process of this agreement? Is it Dan Osborn approach you guys, or the other way? 

Infectology: I have been in contact with Daniel Osborn for some years, he is a great guy. He said that he had been interested in us since we released our CD debut, but for some reason he didn’t contact us then. When "Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment" was released Dan contact me to buy a copy. I was surprised. So send it to him. Weeks later he wrote me telling if we wanted to be part of New Standard Elite. The rest of the story everyone knows.

MM: New Standard Elite is one of the biggest yet most respected label in brutal death metal scene. How does it feel for you to join them? 

Infectology: Sure. NSE is best label in BDM Nowadays. We are very excited to be part of the roster along with a lot of the sickest bands in the world!

MM: You got two albums in your pocket, and truthfully speaking am a bit worry because some bands will change their musical style –whether good or bad– after two albums. But at the same time a musicians needs to evolve. How do you think about this kind of perception? 

Infectology: We’ll not change our style for good or bad. We’ll just continue doing what we love. Fastest, sicker and darkest possible!

MM: There was Indonesians involved in “Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment” –Januaryo Hardy (post-productions) and Aghy R Purakusuma (cover art). Both of them are great artists. What do you think about their works in your album? 

Infectology: Januaryo and Aghy both did an excellent work on the album. I will always be grateful for it.

MM: Now we’re talking about the next project under New Standard Elite. What is the current album status? Do you guys already complete the materials?

Infectology: Luis are working on the riffs and rhythms for the songs right now. So the new album should be coming out sometime next year!

MM: I have a very high expectation for this third album. Could you describe what would it be like the Infectology next album? 

Infectology: We as well brother! As I said before it will be faster, sicker and darkest than the material we wrote before.

MM: What are your future goals for the band in 2017? 

Infectology: Working so hard for the new album.

MM: Ecuador set the brutal death metal to another level with Infectology, Gastrorrexis, Visceral Decay, Gorephagia, Disphexia, Rotten on Gore and etc. What do you think about the underground scene in your country? Thanks again for this interview!

Infectology: Ecuador have some brutal and sick bands that you mentioned already. About the “scene” don’t have words bro, sorry. Thank you for the interview and greeting to all Metal March readers and all Indonesian scene. Keep it sick and continue supporting to BDM buying cd’s and official merch. Cheers!


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