Cerebral Effusion on the US Tour With NSE Family

Cerebral Effussion (Eihar, Cosme, Jabo and Penas) spread their sickness all the way to the US last June.

METAL MARCH - From the land of brutality Spain, Cerebral Effusion spread their sickness all the way to the US for New Standard Elite tour alongside Disentomb, Iniquitous Deeds, Delusional Parasitosis and Embodied Torment last June. Indeed, that prove they are one of the most intense acts in brutal realm. In this interview, CE not only talks about the US tour but also other things that matters. Let's see what drummer Eihar has to say.

MM: Thank you for this opportunity. How are you doing, Cerebral Effusion? Is everything fine in Basque Country after long journey in the US?

Cerebral Effusion: Hi! Arrived home a few days ago. Back to our jobs and routine. I already miss everything, post-tour depression is hard!!

MM: Let's talk about Cerebral Effusion recent project which is the US Tour with New Standard Elite family. At first, how did you feel take part in this big tour?

Cerebral Effusion: It has been a big honor for us! Perfect organization, great places and the sickest bands!! What else can we ask for? Every night has been great, many people showing their support, great moments with our tourmates… We had a fucking great time in the US, can’t wait to come back!

MM: Cerebral Effusion also headlining Las Vegas Death Fest (LVDF), a very well-known fest. Is LVDF your sickest gig you have been part of? Or perhaps any other gigs?

Cerebral Effusion: We have been part of some big festivals in the past but this was the first time for us as headliner. We were really excited for sure. Anyway, we don’t care if it’s a big or small show, we just go on stage and give our 100% to make the sickest show possible. There are many circumstances that can make a show better or worse, but when everything works good, crowd goes crazy and you get the feeling… That’s unbeatable!!

MM: Sharing the same stage with Disentomb, Delusional Parasitosis, Inquitous Deeds, Embodied Torment, and meet Daniel Osborne must be great. Am I safe to claim that was considered one of a lifetime experience?

Cerebral Effusion: It has been the best tour we’ve done by far. I don’t know if we will be able to repeat something like this (I hope so!) but we will never forget it for sure.  Daniel is the fucking boss!! He did an insane job organizing this, driving all the way and playing the bass with DP every night!!

MM: I wanna know how it is feels like being a part of New Standard Elite roster? Is there any memorable moment that you cannot forget? (On and off stage). And could you tell us one thing that you will miss the most? 

Cerebral Effusion: Being on NSE is the best thing that could happen to CE. This label is 100% dedicated to underground brutal death music and so are we. The label is growing a lot and that’s because Dan is doing everything in the right way. People like honesty, good service and communication with the fans. Bands like to be in a label they know they won’t be cheated or looked down because somebody want to make money with their work.There are many memorable moments… Playing at LVDF was one of them, we would never imagine to be headlining such a festival some years ago. We had a lot of great moments on and off stage. We already miss a lot being on tour, eating baconators and hanging out with our tourmates.

MM: Since you guys witness it first hand, how can you describe the US underground scene (especially BDM)? What are the differences between the US crowd and other countries?

Cerebral Effusion: I think in the US people are more into underground music, or there’s more underground culture at least. US crowd is aware that these kind of tours and festivals are not possible without fans support. They don’t mind driving eight hours on a fucking Tuesday for attending to a show, that’s unthinkable in Spain. Anyway, this music is minority everywhere.

MM: Touring across the US is a prove that Cerebral Effusion is brutal big shot. What do you guys think of your success?

Cerebral Effusion: We just worked our asses a lot during a lot of years, being honest and creating the music we love, it’s all about dedication. It’s awesome that we can do tours like this and be part of NSE family. I think people like our music because it’s sincere, something we love and comes from our guts.

MM: Before going to the US, Cerebral Effusion also headlining 'Brutality Over Sanity' in London. Is there a city/country where you would like to perform next in the future?

Cerebral Effusion: We would love to visit your country! The support to this music in Indonesia seems to be insane. I hope we can go there soon! Apart from that would be great to visit any place we haven’t been in yet.

MM: Since "Idolatry of Unethical" released a year ago, is there any new material ready, so how could you decribe it? What can your loyal cults expect?

Cerebral Effusion: We haven’t been so much into composition due to our live activity but we will take it again really soon. We have one new song almost finished by now.  Maybe we will make shorter songs on this one but who knows… Anyway, not big style changes. We will focus on making good songs as always and twist our minds until we feel each one is perfect and worth for CE.

MM: What more can we expect from Cerebral Effusion in 2015? What are your future goals for the band? 
Cerebral Effusion: We have one more show this year, it will be at Berlin Deathfest in October. Apart from that we will focus on writing new songs. Our main goal will always be to record a better album than the previous one. We also would like to visit new countries and continue spreading our sickness around the world!

MM: Do you guys know a thing or two about Indonesia metal scene? (FYI: There are so many Cerebral Effusion followers here, also BDM loyal cults). Can you name three kick ass bands from Indonesia?

Cerebral Effusion: Sure! Indonesia has to be the country with more BDM followers right now, we are stunned by the amount of support we get from your country. I love Lumpur, Asphyxiate and Cadavoracity!

MM: Thanks again for this awesome interview. All the best for Cerebral Effusion. Would you like to say some words to your fans and Metal March's readers here?

Cerebral Effusion: Thank you so much for the interview. Greetings for all our fans over there and hope to see you soon!!