Disavowed Loves Indonesian Crowds & Sate Kambing, and Talks About Progress of the Next Release

Took band photo at Cibodas Botanical Garden.
METAL MARCH - No need prologue, no more talking shit like we used to. We, Metal March, have the privilege to interview one of the gods in BDM. Yes, it's Disavowed! Disavowed talks about their recent visit to Indonesia for "Brutalize in the Darkness" (May 10, 2015). Nils Berndsen (bassist) did the interview by the way.  So, here it is!

MM: First of all, I would like to thank you for this opportunity. How are you doing, Disavowed?

Disavowed: Everything fine here, busy but fine.

MM: Okay, let's get straight to the business then. Disavowed recently visited Indonesia for the first time, and I know the hype was totally huge. How do you feel about that?

Disavowed: It felt really good to play in Indonesia. We were very eager to come over since we've build up a lot of contacts here over the years. We've tried to come over a couple of times earlier, but due to busy schedules we have never been able to do so. This time all the pieces came together and it was totally insane!

MM: Was that beyond your expectation? Truthfully I'm not surprised since the underground scene (especially BDM) in Indonesia is getting bigger and bigger.

Disavowed: Like I said before, we have build up a lot of contacts in Indonesia throughout the last years, so we had some ideas of what to expect. But I must admit that is was still a lot bigger than we expected. It's good to see the scene is alive and kicking. Let's hope it keeps growing the next years.

MM: When you're doing your show in Bogor, the crowd was insane because I witness it first hand. What are the differences between Indonesia crowd and other countries?

Disavowed: What really stood out was the diversity of the audience. We have even seen entire families coming over to the festival and enjoying a good time. Another big difference is that everybody wanted to take a picture ("one more") with us. All over we found the people extremely friendly and polite. But fortunately the circlepits were quite brutal!

MM: Pick one. Playing in front of thousands people with the crowd going nuts, or less than 50 but the intimacy is so high? And why?

Disavowed: Hard choice. Both have their own pros and cons. But I pick the big crowd, mainly because we haven't played much for those big crowds. It's a little more special to us.

 MM: So, what are the most shocking things since Disavowed arrived until leaving the country? Are there any memorable moments? (On and off stage).

Disavowed: Soundcheck at 2.30 AM is something I will remember for the rest of my life. Hilarious. Off stage I go for the food thing. We all love Indonesian (street)food. Especially sate kambing ;)

MM: Besides doing your job in "Brutalize in the Darkness", did you visit any attractions/places around Bogor or anywhere else?

Disavowed: Yes, we visited the botanical garden and took some nice band pictures over there (check our Facebook). Besides that we also went out for a drive to Gadog and the mansions and gardens that now belong to the Ministery of Finance (Jalan Puncak nr.76). That's the place where Daniels mother  grew up and lived (she was born in Jakarta), so it was really special for him to be there. After this visit we went up the mountains to Puncak. Finally some nice temperatures again haha.

MM: You know, Holland and Indonesia has a lot of similarities because of the history. Do you know something about Indonesia before visiting the country, like food or perhaps one-two words of the language?

Disavowed: We definitely knew the Indonesian food before, since there are many good restaurants in Holland. The language was for all of us, except Daniel, completely unknown. We tried to pick up some foul language though. Of course we get some news from Indonesia in Holland. Just a couple of weeks before we had to play, there was this news item about the prohibition of selling beer on the streets. That was quite a big topic in Dutch news.

MM: Is there any thing that you will miss the most?

Disavowed: The streetfood, including sate kambing.

MM: Talking another subject, it's already eight years since the last release, "Stagnated Existence". So, what is the current band's status? Could you share any information regarding Disavowed?

Disavowed: After the European tour in 2008, our drummer Romain Goulon left the band to play in Necrophagist. That meant we had to search again for a drummer. Fortunately we found Kevin to play with us, but he had and has a very busy schedule with all the bands he's playing for. Besides that, three of us were busy with creating families. So the focus was a bit off. Right now, we are catching up again, trying to finish enough material for a next release.
Disavowed latest album "Stagnated Existence", released in 2008.
MM: Eight years is a big gap. Could you tell us why it takes so long to produce some music? Is there any issue?

Disavowed: Like I said, the focus was a bit off. We didn't see each other on a regular basis anymore, let alone jamming. With all the changes concerning jobs, families, etc. one should take care not to let the fire die. What really helps are the last shows we were playing. That way we all feel the determination coming back again.

MM: How could you describe Indonesia metal scene, BDM in particular? And could you name any Indonesia bands? The good one.

Disavowed: We were surprised by the amount of energy in the BDM scene in Indonesia. Lots of bands are giving it a shot these days. One I really like, partly I think because we have seen them playing live, is Bleeding Corpse.

MM: To wrap it all up, would you like to say some words to our reader and your fans? Thanks for the great time and all the best for Disavowed!

Disavowed: Thank you very much for the interview. All the best for the scene and we definitely hope to have the privilege to play in Indonesia once more. Terima kasih!

Current line up:
Robbe K - Vocals
Daniel van den Broek - Guitar
Gerben van der Bij - Guitar
Nils Berndsen - Bass
Kevin Foley - Drums